Prison Ministry


      • We are looking for books in English and Spanish on Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft, and Santeria. Books in English are fairly easy. Translations in Spanish are hard. We have found one dealer who has books by Gonzalez-Whippler in both English and Spanish. To get one copy of each to three prisons is at least $100.00. Please consider a gift on our DONATIONS page to help us with this venture. Charles has written a book on Pagan Prison Ministry Pagan Prison Ministry.


      • Federal (KY, MD, WV We provide written religious materials for chaplains in the Feder,al system  in the Orisha Traditions (Santeria, Umbanda, Voudoun)and Wicca (several traditions), and in Asatru/Northern Tradition.
      • State (AZ, MD, MO, SD. VA)
        • We provide both lessons and long-term correspondence with individual prisoners. We are currently looking for books from the Asatru, Wiccan, and Santeria  traditions. For a form for your organization, contact Charles Butler at
      • County (Anne Arundel County, MD). We are registered as a church with Jennifer Road Detention Center and Ordnance Road Correctional Center.


    • Liaison (OH) ( (outreach by correspondence to all persons returning to society from Federal or State facilities.) Our liaison contacts other clergy and referral centers for prisoners as they transition to society.Write directly to: Peggy Thompson, HP, Prison Liaison, Rising Sun Outreach Ministry, 14837 Detroit Ave. PMB 109, Lakewood OH 44107-3909
  • Rev. Charles Butler is also corresponding with the prisons in Missouri, South Dakota, Arizona, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Contact him at 3205 Kimberly Road, Hyattsville, MD 20782-3722.