Like what you see? Want it to continue?

Launching, maintaining, and sustaining a ministry is always a challenge.

We are a registered church in the State of Maryland and registered with the Federal government. Donations are tax-deductible. All donations go to the General Fund unless otherwise designated. We work in prisons, hospices, fire services, veterans affairs, and government liaisons. Transportation, education, and scholarships are always needed for new works. An updated budget is being prepared.

Send check or money order to: Rising Sun Outreach Ministry, ℅ Charles R. Butler, III, 3205 Kimberly Road, Hyattsville, MD 20782. 

If you have a specific thing you want your money used for, type it in the blank space below the General Fund donation field. You can put in any amount, and when you bring up paypal you will see the notation. We will be sure to note it.

General Fund Donation

You may use the above link to a General Donation file. Rest assured that this will go directly to ministry.

General Fund
– website maintenance (approximately $30/year)
– prison ministry transportation ($60/visit – 24 visits per year)
– prison ministry stamps (10-12 letters per month)
– health care chaplaincy outreach
– government chaplaincy outreach (2 conferences a year)
– education fund (2-4 events per year)