Frequently Asked Questions

Why Rising Sun?

The Rising Sun breaking through the clouds is a common motif in many traditions. Christ was received into the clouds of heaven. Moses received the ten commandments in a cloud. Obatala descends to earth on a chain of faith. Mohammed rode to heaven to bring back his revelations. People who have no faith book still receive revelation. Many faiths see the Creator breaking through the storms of life. The symbol of the Sun through the clouds is our symbol of connection to a Power higher and larger than ourselves. We welcome interfaith ministers and chaplains from many of the traditions of humanity, helping them to reach to people in need.

Why Outreach Ministry?

We are not about ourselves, but about reaching others in crisis. When you are caregiver, you may reach a point of “compassion fatigue” where you feel as if you give all day or all night and have no one to speak to. As members of RSOM, we understand what goes on under the surface, where you need to “debrief”. Don’t ever feel you are alone. Write, call, reach out, comment. Like rhizomes, we work behind the scenes, underground, behind the curtain where action gets done before the curtain rises.

What can I do?

First, pray, meditate, or send energy. Whatever mode you use to think of others in service, do that. Secondly, if you are able, send funds so we are able to continue our ministries. Transportation is sometimes difficult, attending training sessions gets expensive, and knowing where to send people takes time. Third, attend a training session. We are organizing for our first session in August on Caregivers in Crisis. Stay tuned.

Charles Butler for Rising Sun Outreach Ministry. 240-764-5748 or charles@rising-sun-outreach-ministry.org.