Celebration & Memorial Officiants


When you form a new family, you want to celebrate that. We have officiants in Maryland, Virginia, DC, and Ohio able to witness your weddings. We are happy to celebrate from Christian, New Age, Wiccan, Buddhist, Interfaith, Santeria, many faiths, or none. We reverence Nature and the Divine in everyone.

We believe that people can be called to be in many family configurations. We make no distinction between opposite sex or same-sex couples, trans- or cis-genders. Two people are creating something new, that is all that is important.

Child Blessings

When a child is born and given a name, a community offers baptisms, christenings, naming ceremonies. We will help create or officiate at that service. Each tradition is honored.

Life Cycles

When a child reaches the age of reason (usually around 14) they are often welcomed into the community with a special ceremony. Latin communities do this for girls with quinzeanos (the 15th birthday), Jewish boys and girls with Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Other faiths are beginning to find reason to welcome children into their faiths. We can help you find an officiant of your faith.


Often in a time of grief, you simply need the presence of clergy or people trained to simply offer spiritual hope or shared grief. Assigning that to a third party to gather the memories and speak them while the family has its own time is precious. We learn as we grow and work with planners to ensure that everything is done to your satisfaction.


Fees are entirely personal between the individual clergy and you. We suggest $100 minimum plus appropriate travel, plus a contribution to Rising Sun. Beyond that, we are not in a “marriage mill” or “celebration” for its own sake, but for the needs that a diverse community often forget. If you are a stranger in a new town, we are happy to help.

Contact our clergy under for individual needs.